Campbell Island - Past, Present and Future

WE ARE BACK FROM THE ISLAND AND IT WAS MAGICAL!!! You can still reminisce with us and follow our stories of island life and experiences - its wonders, the hardships, the inevitable cabin fever, and possibly some research. CLICK HERE TO CONNECT WITH OUR EXPERIENCES

Travel 700 km south of New Zealand's mainland, through the Roaring Forties and into the Furious Fifties, and you'll discover Campbell Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site nestled in the wild waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Home to globally unique plants and animals, and with such a compelling history, this island, while out of sight, should not be out of mind.

In December 2010, 200 years after its discovery, the Royal New Zealand Navy took 11 researchers and their support team to Campbell Island (NZ’s most southern island). Basing themselves in the deserted MetService building they studied the island’s rich ecology and history, and its recovery from decades of grazing and the world’s largest island rat eradication. The expedition spanned nine weeks on the island (Dec 2010 to Feb 2011), with post-expedition outputs culminating in a year-long exhibition at Te Papa (date to be advised). 


We think that if Campbell Island is important enough to make it onto our $5 note then it deserves our continued attention, research and protection!