Shelley, congratulations on your very impressive prospectus. Best wishes for your own work on the freshwater environs.

We are most grateful that very busy people, such as you, have been willing to spare the time to help us extend our knowledge of geology and botany.

Your Trust's vision demonstrates that there is a real role for NZers in the guardianship, understanding and on-going protection of our southern most islands.

We hope a glass of our beautiful wine will help you end each day on a positive note — and a well deserved one at that.

Wishing you every success in this very exciting project, and we look forward to linking with you via museum exhibitions and events.

I hope all goes well for you on this adventure and that you find some new and exciting things. We'll be thinking of you (a little enviously) and look forward to hearing about it later.

Can we come too? Seriously, thank you for having the foresight and dedication to help ensure the preservation and protection of something so wildly unique and wonderful. Inspirational!

I bet you'll see some 'firsts' on this trip, so thanks for allowing us to bring this very special and remote place a little closer to our listeners.

Looking at your site brings back a lot of memories. Had great days at North West Bay building an A frame hut in our spare time. I wonder if it is still there? Wish I was coming with you.

Say gidday to Mark Crompton (Swampy) for me. I was the DSIR technician during my stay and Mark was one of the meterology observers. I met Don Merton during 1970.