Freshwater Ecology

Very little is known about the numerous pond, tarns, and streams on the Island, but isolation, climate, the landscape, and species interactions will all have a part to play in shaping these aquatic habitats.

We will attempt to unravel the mysteries of the freshwater environs by finding out how the communities change and function from fish to fishless streams, sea-level to high-altitude, and open to underground peat streams; how adult flying insects cope with living in such a windswept place; how much the nutrient-rich marine environment (via sea birds) subsidises otherwise nutrient-poor streams, and the inevitable effects of isolation and geological history in shaping present-day communities. We will use sediment cores collected from the tarns to look back in time to see how the area was affected by the history of farming and subsequent vegetation and seabird colony changes.

Freshwater Ecology Team

Shelley McMurtrie - 50 South Trust - Campbell Island Bicentennial Expedition

Shelley McMurtrie is company director and principal scientist at EOS Ecology, and has 12 years combined research and consulting experience specialising in New Zealand aquatic ecosystems.

Alex James - Campbell Island Bicentennial Expedition

Alex James is a freshwater scientist at EOS Ecology, with eight years research experience working in freshwater systems.

Krystyna Saunders -  Campbell Island Bicentennial Expedition

Krystyna is a postdoctoral fellow working at the Institute of Geography and Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Bern, Switzerland.