2 C Light Company

2 C Light Company is passionate about developing advanced technological products that enhance people’s lives whilst being environmentally conscientious.

We're providing the Campbell Island Bicentennial Expedition team with our 2 C Solar Light Cap. This cap provides the wearer lighting whenever they need it because it has a lighting system integrated into the cap’s peak. The internal batteries are charged during the day from the limitless energy of the sun, so there's no cost to the environment as it's operated – no carbon dioxide emissions and no need to dispose of batteries. And we understand that when on an expedition you carry everything with you and travel light, so you don’t want to be carrying or relying on batteries. This is where the 2 C Solar Light Cap will shine and be very useful for bush walking, cooking, reading at night, private moments, etc.

The 2 C Solar Light Cap is stylish and comfortable; it will provide the wearer up to 3 hours on full and up to 24 hours on dim. There's a built-in switch that provides a dimmer for social and power conserving needs, and with a simple double-click, you can access one of three high visibility flashing modes. This turns the cap into a safety/rescue light so you can be seen.


We're a small Christchurch company who have been operating full time for four years. Our mission is to provide solar lighting to the world. Because we have a small marketing budget we rely on people like the Campbell Island team who will find this cap indispensable, and we advise them all to write their name on their cap or it might end in tears!

Thank you for letting us be a part of this exciting expedition.