EOS Ecology

We’re just so proud to be a key project sponsor, supporter, and participant of the CIBE programme. We’re delighted to be coordinating the expedition and providing in-kind support for the design & branding, communication strategy, and freshwater science aspects of this very worthwhile programme.

Our director, Shelley McMurtrie, is the coordinator of the expedition – an all-encompassing role covering a diverse range of activities from budgeting and fundraising through to planning the entire logistics and securing media/public output channels. Put simply, without Shelley’s passion and determination the CIBE would not be going ahead.

At its heart, EOS shares with the CIBE a commitment both to applied science and to compelling communication. We are lending our freshwater ecology expertise to the science aspect of this programme. Our in-house designers have created the communication and design strategy, with the goal to make the CIBE findings accessible to a non-scientific audience and to bring the Subantarctics into the lounge room of every New Zealander.

This groundbreaking programme will be immensely beneficial both to the future management of the Subantarctic islands and to our nation. Our strong desire to see a long-term research programme carried out in this World Heritage area has led us to contribute over $155,000 of in-kind support to this cause.

Who is EOS Ecology?
We are a niche aquatic research consultancy utilising robust scientific research to generate both applied and novel solutions for our clients to enhance waterway management in New Zealand. We distinguish ourselves by our dedication to accurate data, our reputation for impartiality, and the effective communication of our findings to our end-users.