Hill Laboratories

We only have one planet. Understanding and looking after it is critical. We are proud to support this visit to the Wild South to further our understanding of life in remote places. And envious of your opportunity to visit the island!

Hill Laboratories Environmental Division has been involved in analysis of environmental samples for many years. We now offer NZ’s biggest range of both chemical and microbiological testing from our laboratories in Hamilton and Christchurch. The matrices we test vary from brines from Antarctica, through seawater, geothermal, surface and groundwaters to sediments, soils and biota such as mussels and oysters, and air samples for both environmental and personal health reasons.

We are Accredited by IANZ, and others, for our Quality Systems. Being privately owned (many of our staff are shareholders) our focus is on investing in the latest technology to enable us to provide the broadest and best possible analytical testing service to our clients.  Our 280 staff have a wide range of instruments [multiple ICPMS, ICPOES, GCMS, LCMS, PCR, etc] and facilities, including clean rooms and temperature/humidity controlled rooms, to work with.

We hold MAF Certification for receipt and testing of samples from overseas, and regularly test for clients from Antarctica, Australia, Pacific Islands, Japan, and more.

Our Client Service Managers are very experienced, both with our laboratory testing and with the requirements of our clients. We are happy to discuss technical questions, and aid in finding the best testing regimes to answer clients particular objectives. We regularly visit clients and attend conferences to ensure we are kept up-to-date with market needs.

Our IT system allows reporting of data to clients in a form most useful to them, and our web based MyLab allows clients to log-in to find much information directly for themselves.

Our other Divisions – Agriculture and Food & Biological – offer tests relating to farming and horticulture, and foods, including honey and wine, and a range of other biological materials as varied as treated timber and pharmaceuticals.

To find out more about Hill Laboratories and its services you can visit website or call one of our client service managers on 07 858 2000.