No Worries Company Services

No Worries was kicked off in 2003 by two New Zealander’s living and working in London. Our aim was to deliver an outstanding, easily accessible accounting service for a predominately NZ, Australian, SA client base.

While we consider ourselves lucky with our open plan office, which enjoys all day sun, (if it would shine), and view out over the rooftops of London, (obstructed only by the District line trains passing every 3.5 minutes - when running on time!), we still find ourselves dreaming of New Zealand and all that we grew up with and took for granted. So we are glad to be given the opportunity to contribute to a team of people who have the foresight and dedication to help ensure the preservation and protection of something so wildly unique and wonderful.

Thank You. And remember for next time, I make a pretty mean cup of tea and Greg is good at lifting!