S J Consulting

As a chef with considerable experience across a number of applications, I can honestly say this has been the most challenging, yet exciting project I have been involved with. When I was first asked if I could whip up a food list for this expedition, I was quite adamant that my industry experience both here and overseas would hold me in good stead. I have cooked at altitude in the French Alps and dished up three course meals in the back blocks of Africa, so was fully aware of the difficulties encountered when working in such challenging environments. However... then I learnt there was no refrigeration, or freezers, that all cooking fuel had to be taken to the island, all food packing had to be bought back to NZ and that although it was summer, the average temperature was only 8˚C. If that wasn’t challenging enough, there was also no corner store if the team ran out of food.

Now four months later I am proud to say that we have a nutritionally sound menu, that is high in energy yet low in sodium. One where recipes have been adapted to suit the particulars of this research team, ensuring that each and every meal has the required nutritional values that will send the team back to the Mainland in tip top shape.  Meals will be quick and easy to prepare, yet tasty and interesting. For dinner they will be eating rice noodle beef lasagne, sundried tomato and mushroom rice cakes with chorizo and onion marmalade,  thai green curry tuna and roast vege frittata or maybe mexican beef tortillas with salsa and guacamole. So whilst I am not going to the island I will make sure they are well fed.

As a foodie and hospo veteran I have spent the best part of the last 20 years in or around a kitchen. I have worked in a number of different roles both here in NZ and overseas. I have owned my own cafe, and all these experiences have lead me to develop the consulting business I run today.

I am a gluten free specialist (leading a gluten free lifestyle myself) who passes on my knowledge via gluten free cooking demonstrations and classes. I also work one on one with people who have recently been advised to follow a GF lifestyle, developing recipes to suit them, stocking their pantry and taking the fear of change away from them.

Within the hospitality industry I advise cafes/restaurants on the benefits of serving gluten free foods and work through the changes involved in successfully introducing gluten free product to their mix.

As a business consultant I work with hospitality business owners who are facing challenging times, scrutinising all aspects of their business and devising a business wide strategy to curb costs and increase profits.

For further information regarding any of the services I offer or if your expedition needs advice on what food they should be taking to ensure a cost effective, nutritious but interesting menu is available, contact me at sjconsulting.nz@gmail.com