The spotting of the snipe

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Walking back to base on the Beeman Boardwalk tonight at 10pm I had a wonderful surprise. From beside the walkway by my feet I saw a flash of brown and something fluffy landed on the path in front of me. Not sure what it was (wearing no contacts today so everything was looking pretty blurry to me) I grabbed the video camera. What a surprise when I zoomed in to see the wee Campbell Island Snipe. This tiny strange (but very cute) looking bird was unknown to science until its discovery in 1997. They are usually very cryptic birds, so to see one and have the video camera ready was such a special moment. The sound you hear in the background at the end of the video are the yellow-eyed penguins coming in for the night. I feel that this is my Christmas present from the island.

[Shelley McMurtrie]